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Coast to Coast: An Oregon couple spent four months biking east to west

Mark and Kim Thackray didn’t just imagine riding a tandem bike across the United States; they did it. During their 35-year marriage the Corvallis couple has always ridden bikes, with their two sons or by themselves. In mid-June they biked to Seattle to visit relatives, stopping in Astoria on their way back home.

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Celebrating your story: Heidi Yorkshire helps others mark life’s important moments

Heidi Yorkshire believes we’re rushing through our lives and missing out on what’s really important. Significant moments and passages of time are routinely celebrated with a cake, a dinner or even a Facebook post. We get caught up in choosing flowers, dresses, caterers and invitation, and don’t focus on what really matters.

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Trolley trooper: Richard Thompson can’t get enough of Portland’s streetcar history

No one knows better the history of streetcars in Portland than Richard Thompson, says Val Ballestrem, manager of the Architectural Heritage Center. No one loves trolleys more, either.

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Diggin' it: Gardening on a shoestring budget

As much as I love gardening and all it entails, it can be expensive. If I’m not careful I can spend my entire month’s salary on things for the garden.


    Radio Redux tickets now available

    Stories by Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells, Damon Runyon, James Thurber, Charles Dick- ens and Dashiell Hammett will be told radio-style by Fred Crafts’ Radio Redux during its 2016-17 season.

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    Can you say Ukulele?

    It’s more than island rhythms for this versatile instrument

    Musical prowess is abounding one chord at a time with budding musicians in two area ukulele programs. “I love playing the ukulele, and find it very challenging,” says Eileen Booth, the “Flapper Tapper,” who uses the instrument in her tap-dancing/singing performances at local venues.

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    Bend: Destination along the Deschutes

    Just when you feel saturated with presidential campaign stories, here’s another one. In the 1928 presidential election, Frank T. Johns was the nominee on the Socialist Labor Party ticket in a race dominated by major party leaders Herbert Hoover and Al Smith. Johns kicked off his campaign on May 20 with a speech in the central Oregon town of Bend at a downtown park along the Deschutes River. At the end of the speech, during a Q and A session, cries rang out from the crowd when a small boy fell from a foot-bridge into the river. The candidate leaped into the water to save the boy but, alas, both were swept away in the river’s swift current.

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    Champoeg's 'kitchen garden' a ‘stage’ to represent the Manson’s 1860s home

    In the 1860s, gardening was “women’s work.” And like the rest of the women in those days, Felicité Manson was responsible for providing much of her family’s food. In her long dress and bonnet, she planted a kitchen garden behind her house with seeds brought on her family’s journey west.

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    Ridgefield, in pictures

    A new book uses the alphabet to illustrate what’s so great about this city

    A recently-released book features photographs, paint-ings and drawings, but with a special twist — all of the artists are from Ridgefield, Washington. Watercolor artist Maureen O’Reilly found inspiration for “Ridgefield, Washington A-Z,” from another “A to Z” book, this one illustrated by Ridgefield business owner Earleen Griswold, who focused on creating illustration for the children around her while living in the Virgin Islands.

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