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Listening with empathy

Eugene’s Naomi Feil developed Validation Training and widespread changes in the treatment of the elderly

Helping those who need our help

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Giving pause to think – and respond

High school Ethics Bowl will challenge today’s youth to think critically about im-portant, timely topics

Philosophy professor is on a mission

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Arlene Schnitzer – Reflecting on a life well-lived

Arlene Schnitzer’s passion for the arts has benefitted Oregon for decades

Raised during the Depression and World War II

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The Manifold Realm of Word-Artisans

Could Calligraphy Scribes Be a Dying Breed?

Could Calligraphy Scribes Be a Dying Breed?

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Good health starts with good sleep

Addressing the issue of a bad night's sleep

Healthy living starts at home

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Exposing our hidden history

Lane County's Geology

University of Oregon professor what came before us


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