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Doctor wants to write you a prescription for longevity

Naturopath looks to health patients

A key to wellbeing (and longevity) are our body’s hormones.

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Anne James: Director of the Veneta Senior Meals

Giving back to the com-munity keeps her going

Anne James is bustling around

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Grain storage bins cira 1880's

stand strong and upright. The obvious statement that they sure knew how to build them to last back then is too tempting to ignore.

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HED: Gatekeepers keep an ear to the ground

Multnomah County’s Aging and Disability Services

They say it takes a village to raise a child

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Harps and more

Harp studio located in southwest Corvallis

The graceful appearance of the harp induces memories of where its soothing sounds were first heard

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The Reciprocal Benefits of “Shelter” Puppy Love

We reap numerous benefits

Discovery.com’s Animal Planet cites five of the top health benefits


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