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Mountains to climb

Salem’s Scott Phillips uses climbing to reach new heights in his hobbies

Feeling accomplished

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‘Generational equity’

Retired lawyer Richard Canaday spreads the word about sustainability in our future

High paid lawyer

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Twist and shout

Fort Vancouver guide recognized for exceptional efforts

Bringing history alive

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Marina Stites won’t slow down

And why should she? Life has too much to offer

83 and still on the move

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Improving lives in Kenya

Albany’s Suzan Bellis has felt the positive impact of her missions trip to Africa

I was 44 when I finally went on my first mission trip

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White House Conference on Aging

Held in Lebanon, Oregon

Keynote speakers included Ted Wheeler


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    Longevity, Priests, Scientists part 1

    Ten animals live longer than 140 years. Ocean quahogs average 400 years. Bowhead whales, 211. Rougheye Rockfish, 205. Red Sea urchins, 200. Galapagos Tortoises, 177. Shortraker rockfish, 157. Lake Sturgeons, 152. Aldabra Giant tortoises, 152. Orange roughies, 149. Warty Oreos, 140. A quahog is a clam. A Warty Oreo is ...

    It's Past Time!

    Well, THAT was embarrassing...part 3

    Even bright, aware people can be pretty dim when confronted by an unusual situation. Or just plain tired and stressed. Not that I'm all that bright and aware after a full day's work and a night of volunteering-- and the only one on duty after 10 pm. This particular night, ...