Expanding Oregon's Death with Dignity Law

We will be discussing the current Death with Dignity law and launching Brittany's Bill which works to expand these choices and will be introduced into the 2019 legislative session.
Come join us as we educate and advocate for a more compassionate approach to end-of-life!

Oregon is a state that allows Death with Dignity but what exactly are the qualifications to take advantage? What are Oregon's End of Life choices? They are pretty strict when you get down to it and these are options we might not think about or even care about until that time comes. Let's make the change to start being compassionate and not letting ourselves or our loved ones suffer!

Check out www.endchoices.com for the original story that helped in inspiring us to name it Brittany's Bill and more information on this event or call Bruce Yelle at (530) 312-7085.


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