Boeing looks elsewhere to build 777X

15 potential sites are in the discussion to build the next generation of aircraft including Long Beach (CA) and Salt Lake City (UT)

After a hearty rejection by Everett (WA) unions last week to a new contract proposal, Boeing the aerospace giant kept the company’s promise to shop around and that is exactly what the company is doing. Boeing asked interested states and cities to meet a mid-December deadline for proposals to build the 777X airplane according to an article in the Seattle Times newspaper.

No one knows if Boeing is just doing some saber rattling or is serious about moving production of the new aircraft out of the state of Washington. The state’s legislature and governor have already offered Boeing an $8 billion deal to build the craft in Washington but dealing with local unions is still poses a significant hurdle.

According to one analysis, when Boeing decided to build the fuselage in a new plant in South Carolina for the Dreamliner aircraft the lack of infrastructure and experience workforce created delays and other problems. “That’s just really a bad idea,” said Richard Aboulafia. “You are adding multiple layers of risk both in terms of workforce and infrastructure.”


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