It’s time for something new: Readying for a new era

In the past 35 years, Northwest Boomer and Senior News has seen some changes.

Personnel come and go. Sometimes locations change. Even the business name changes.

Such has been the case for Northwest Boomer and Senior News.

Now, we’re about to undergo one of our biggest changes ever.

Not only will we change our name, but we’ll look different.

It’s time for an upgrade.

Our history

Senior News got its start in Lane County in the early 1980s.

Over time, the publication expanded to reach a larger audience. Its name was changed to Northwest Senior News in 1999 and it stayed that way for quite some time.

Eventually, the name was changed to Northwest Senior and Boomer News, and then several years ago, it was changed to its current name.

Our purpose

There are many senior publications across the United States, but much of the material, while interesting, is “canned” and not written for a local audience.

There is a place for such written material, but our purpose since we started was to provide locally-written articles about local people and programs.

Except for a short break, when Northwest Senior News was bought out by another company and changed to “Get Up and Go,” we have not wavered from that commitment to bring you fresh, local content.

That goes the same for our advertising. We are a local business, providing jobs – from our office manager, writers and designers to the press where we print more than 60,000 copies every month.

We also hire a professional sales force. They are committed to seeking out local businesses, helping them be successful by putting their best message forward, and helping our readers to make informed decisions about how they spend their money to get exactly what they need.

We’re not a publication filled with out-of-state offers that can’t be trusted.

We want to help local businesses – big and small – to succeed. We want to contribute to Oregon’s economy in the best way possible.

We pride ourselves on reaching out to generations that understand and trust in the printed word.

The internet is quite useful for many things, and it offers a convenience we’ve never before known. But it’s just not the same as sitting down and opening up your favorite publication. You understand that. It’s how you were raised.

Our advertisers understand that offering a multi-pronged approach to their marketing allows for full saturation. You get to see their messages in our publication, online, and possibly on TV or heard on the radio.

We are able to offer all of those options through print/digital packages.

The future

Just as the digital age has changed almost everything we do, we now feel it’s time to upgrade our look and feel.

First, we will continue to offer the same quality articles, photos, calendar listings and advertising that you are seeking.

We aim to make our product interesting, informative and enjoyable to look at.

To that end, this is the final edition of our tabloid-size edition on newsprint.

Starting with the January issue, Northwest Boomer and Senior News will have a new name — Northwest50Plus.

We feel this name better reflects the attitudes and makeup of our readers. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed by labels liked “boomer” and “senior.” We are much more than this.

And Northwest50Plus needs to be more than a newsprint tabloid.

We have the opportunity to print a high-quality magazine on a heatset press. Words and pictures will be sharper and easier to read.

The size of Northwest50Plus will be easier to read, flip and hold. It has a longer shelf life. You’ll want to read it at your leisure and share it with family and friends.

Advertising will be easier to see and respond to.

And it will just look nicer. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? We don’t think so!

We’ve been planning this change for quite some time, and we’re so excited to bring you a new, updated magazine.

Wherever you find Northwest Boomer and Senior News, you will find Northwest50Plus instead, starting with our January 2019 issue.

Now, you might be thinking — don’t try a new Pepsi on me. I liked my old Pepsi, it tasted just fine.

We know there will be readers who are going to miss holding our newspaper in their hands. Like we said, it’s how you grew up.

Truth be told, we’ll miss it a little ourselves. It’s part of our history, our heritage. Newspapers in our country are really struggling to survive in this digital age.

But whatever the format, we are just as committed to sharing interesting and informative articles and advertising.

The medium may change, but not the mission, the purpose and the enjoyment of it all.

We want you to know how much we love putting out this quality product every month. Finding editorial and advertising content that interests readers in the Pacific Northwest is great fun.

We’d love to hear from you. Let’s all embrace a little change together.

— Michelle Te, general manager and editor


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