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Vancouver's Marshall House was home to a great patriot

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, the post-World War II effort to revitalize a devastated Western Europe. In 1947, from London to Moscow, cities were flattened, economies destroyed, homes left in rubble, and millions of people displaced. In the midst of this destitution existed, as President Harry S. Truman observed, a breeding ground for the spread of communism throughout Europe.

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Gifford Pinchot National Forest benefits from local engagement by volunteer foresters

For the past four years, Neal Ballard has helped install cameras that capture images of animals in southwest Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest. He has always loved to hike, but this volunteer work setting up wildlife cameras in remote areas for a nonprofit organization allows him to venture off established trails to “see places I never would have seen before.”

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Oregonians get ready for the big eclipse

“The eclipse is coming, the eclipse is coming.” In China, 715 years ago, that statement would’ve been met with fear and worry over what disaster the darkening of the skies would foretell to fall upon the leader.

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Albany carousel finally ready for its first spin

After 15 years of planning, carving and assembling, the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum opens Aug. 15. There will be a grand opening from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for “kids of all ages,” to celebrate the long-awaited, 22,000 square foot, state of the art facility, located at the corner of 1st Avenue SW and Washington Street SW in Albany.

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Florence Rhododendron Festival is much more than flowers

In the early 1900s, as pioneers struggled to tame the wild Oregon Coast into permanent settlements, one of the most visible signs of the changing of seasons would have been the wild rhododendrons. Only a few examples still exist, but we know they were huge and pervasive, says Sandy Zinn, a librarian at Siuslaw Pioneer Museum in Florence.

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A tale of two houses: Historic homes don’t always get the protection they deserve

It’s not easy being an old house. Not only are there the usual aches and pains of age — dry rot, outdated plumbing, foundation troubles — but, for houses in urban areas, there is the increasing threat of economic pressures to demolish and replace. When these older houses disappear, we destroy a bit of history and lose a part of our cultural heritage. Here is a tale of two historical houses sharing a family connection and similar past, but far different futures.

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'Green' shopping for the holidays

Looking for unusual holiday decorations, the perfect gift for the person with everything, or a one-of-a-kind toy for a grandchild? Instead of heading to the crowded mall, consider a trip to an antiques shop. Buying collectibles and antiques is a way of “green’ shopping, or recycling and reusing goods from yesteryear. It’s great fun to poke around in a shop as you never know what hidden treasure you’ll discover: a piece of jewelry, wacky knick-knack, vintage wooden toy, or a pretty crystal bowl. And, there is always the remote possibility of having an Antiques Roadshow experience when that $5 vase turns out to be worth $5,000.

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