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Pet therapy brings its rewards

Pet owners know first-hand that dogs and cats love unconditionally; they are there when the person needs a hug or a smile. This love and acceptance make dogs and cats ideal therapeutic visitors for the elderly and disabled in nursing homes and care facilities.

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Suffering chronic pain? There are options for pain management

Sarah Gradis’ patient was an older woman experiencing chronic pain, primarily in her back and legs. The woman was independent, lived on her own and was reluctant to ask her family for help with everyday tasks. But she was having difficulty with things like housework, and was feeling increasingly isolated and concerned she might fall.

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Did you know about these three silent indicators of heart disease?

Listen to your heart sounds

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States. But there are many ways to prevent and proactively treat it. It’s time to educate ourselves on being in tune with some silent indicators of heart disease.

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Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital class aids in diabetes prevention

When Sherm Sallee’s doctor asked if he was watching his carbohydrates, he replied, “Sure. I watch the maple bar all the way to my mouth.” Since receiving a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and taking the Diabetes Prevention class at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital, Sherm has taken the maple bars out of his diet.

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What is reflexology?

t’s an ancient practice that claims better health with use

Tired and aching feet? How about back pain, respiratory conditions, digestive problems, headaches or migraines, or insomnia? Salem resident Christine Schmid offers her clients a holistic method for maintaining good health: reflexology.

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Essential training: First-responders receive ‘insider’ look into life with dementia

Local first responders are becoming dementia-savvy, thanks to a unique training program through ComForCare. “While we provide care for individuals of any age, seniors make up the bulk of our client base,” says Lauren Heinatz, transitions director and trainer for the classes. “Age is one of the biggest risk factors for most types of dementia to develop. With our aging population and people living longer, we as a nation, including our local community, have reached a crisis point.”

Gather your family’s health history now

The most powerful gift you could give to your family this holiday season may not be wrapped up in a bow, but it could save a life. When you see your family during the holidays, you have a unique opportunity to compile family medical histories, which could make a difference for your children and grand-children in the future.

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Honoring the real you

Why is it that so many of us are able to console a friend with kind words but are unable to do the same for ourselves? It would take an entire book to answer that question. So many are hard on themselves, living a lifetime of shame and guilt, or driving themselves toward perfection and acceptance. Or maybe to prove themselves to their parents. An eight-week mindfulness self-compassion program is helping thousands all over the world to change their self-destructive patterns.

Get in sync with your internal clock

To say that humans are a creature of habit is not just a cliché, it’s a scientifically pro-ven statement. All mammals, including humans, are subject to circadian rhythms, which are regular changes in mental and physical characteristics that occur in the course of a day.

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Five ways to heal better from a surgery

November and December are popular months for having surgery, as health insurance deductibles are met. But before you go under the knife, first take a close look at what’s on your fork and spoon. What you eat — and how much you eat — can help how your body heals.

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Yoga in Pairs: Partner up! You no longer have to go solo during your yoga class

Kliff Hopson says the only thing better than “payday Friday” is “payday and partner yoga Friday.” The Vancouver, Washington, electrical engineer relishes those days not only because he’s paid by his employer, but it’s also one of the days he practices partner yoga with his wife, Gail Lordi, a mas-sage therapist and yoga instructor.

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State Fire Marshall urges residents to to test smoke alarm batteries when turning back the clock

Sunday, November 6 marks the end of daylight saving time and serves as a good reminder for Oregonians to test their smoke alarms. The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal is urging residents to test their smoke alarms before automatically changing the batteries.

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Medicare 101: What you need to know

Annual open enrollment for Medicare has started and it’s important to know what that means for you. Enrollment is open through Dec. 7. Any Medicare Advantage (Part C) or prescription drug plan (Part D) changes must be made between those dates so that coverage begins without interruption on Jan. 1.

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Cataracts: It's an elective surgery so it's important to know the risks and the rewards

Can’t see things clearly anymore? Need a magnifying glass to read? Does the glare from oncoming headlights inhibit your night driving? When vision dims and night glare heightens, cataracts may be the cause.

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Incontinence: It's time to talk about it

One out of four women will experience pelvic floor issues, yet it’s a topic rarely discussed. These hidden health issues include everything from incontinence to sexual problems. Dr. Rebecca Posthuma Batalden, a local board-eligible urogynecologist, is part of a growing specialty rising, in part, from the large aging population.