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Don’t get bit by the flu bug

This probably sounds familiar: You shiver, sweat and your throat is on fire. Your head is pounding, every muscle aches and you’re exhausted. Even getting out of bed seems impossible. You’ve got the flu. It’s not pretty. In fact, it’s pretty awful.

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Vancouver’s Dennis Nielson is smashing records all over the West Coast

Dennis Nielson has had his share of victories on the tennis court. The 83-year-old resident of Vancouver, Washington is ranked by the U.S. Tennis Association as the No. 1 hardcourt player in the 80- to 85-year-old age group in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. But he doesn’t measure success by wins and losses.

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Finding success on a plant-based diet

Leafy spinach. Quinoa. Black beans. They’re all great plant-based options and may already be a part of your diet. But have you wondered if eating a completely plant-based diet might be right for you? Though switching to a diet like this may seem like a big change, for many, it’s a major step toward health.

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Finding inner peace

Jeffrey Kelly is a teacher, Chinese medical practitioner and martial arts specialist, who at the ripe age of 14 became interested in martial arts. After college, and before Kelly became a police officer and 911 dispatcher, he spent two years in China soaking up that country’s centuries-old martial arts and medicine.

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A modern twist on a doctor’s house call

Although not in the traditional sense, Ronald Paapke’s doctor was with him all the way through his recent health emergency. “It was as if the doctor was actually in the room with me,” says Paapke, 54, who suffered a stroke on Sept. 19. “As I moved, the telecom screen was following me. Where I went, the doctor went. It was pretty amazing.”

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Getting his diabetes under control

“Get off your lazy behind and do it.” That’s Eugene Boyce’s advice for anyone not actively managing their diabetes. Boyce, 70, used to be among their ranks. A former truck driver, Boyce knew for years that his blood sugars were high but didn’t want to think about taking insulin.

November 4, 2017 7:49 p.m. read more..

BREAST CANCER:How it feels when you get the news

“Cancer” is a word no one wants to hear, but for two Salem women, a phone call following routine mammograms changed their lives forever. “When my doctor called me on a Thursday afternoon after I got off work, I knew something was wrong,” says Sue Harris, who was diagnosed last year with stage 3 breast cancer. “My doctor doesn’t usually call me.”

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It’s not often that a new sport is called “life-changing,” but that’s how many new players are describing pickleball, one the fastest growing sports in the country.

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Laser surgery addresses near vision

There’s good news for people who depend upon reading glasses, and are tired of carrying them around the neck, on top of the head or in the car. It can be frustrating. Yet, loss of close-up vision, called presbyopia, is a natural, universal sign of aging that occurs for both men and women around the age of 45. This loss of near-sight vision is the result of loss of flexibility in the eye’s lens, and the ability to focus on objects like books, newspapers and computers becomes a problem. It happens to everyone.

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New treatment for enlarged prostate

For men, more frequent trips to the bathroom may be a part of aging but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. It is common for the prostate to continue to grow throughout a man’s life, but as the prostate enlarges it can cause urinary problems and a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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