Oregon artist gives new life to car parts with his welded art projects

Stephen Uhle’s art is really too heavy to travel, so he only sells at one art show each year. And although he’s never been trained in art, he sells nine out of 10 pieces he creates. “I make art based purely on what looks good to my eye,” says Uhle, 68. “Evidently it has proportions that a lot of people like because my stuff sells.”

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A focus on aging

Phyllis Yes has taken the real-life challenge of caring for her aging parents and turned it into a screenplay that examines the issues facing adult children as caregivers.

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Diggin' it: Work smarter, not harder

True confession: Last summer I was a somewhat lazy gardener. Yes, I know you find this hard to believe considering that my desire to putter through the pathways is about tops on my favorite thing to do list.

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Listen to your heart: Get enough exercise

Physical inactivity is a major health concern that contributes to some of our nation’s leading causes of death, including heart disease and stroke. It also increases risk for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Fortunately, there is something we can do about this.

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Things we grew up with...

Do you remember newsreels before movies, Blackjack chewing gum, roller skate keys, Butch wax, party lines, and cereal with prizes in the box? Did your mom buy her groceries at a particular grocery store just to get that free dinner plate? Did the groceries come with an added bonus – S&H Green Stamps?

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Old idea brings new lifeline to shut-ins

Nobody knows in advance which of us seniors will end up being homebound. It could be those we least expect. The needs of our shut-ins often get marginalized. That may be because our lawmakers seek votes with the “well” elderly in senior centers but have virtually no personal contact with the homebound seniors.

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Care for a little float therapy?

A health practice birthed in the early 1950s is catching on in Salem. Flotation therapy was developed by John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuro- psychiatrist who studied the effect of sensory deprivation on the human brain and mind. What he found was that taking a break away from gravity in a float tank releases endorphins — nature's pain relievers — and is a salve for stress.

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OHSU Circle of Giving directly benefits research on women’s health

Financial donations from women have made possible an early scientific discovery that could have an impact on Alzheimer’s research. It brings new hope to the fight against this and related diseases wreaking havoc on those with memory loss. Dementia has emerged as one of the great medical challenges of our time.

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Footloose in the Cotswolds

Humorist and author Bill Bryson has been sharing his observations and opinions about Britain for several decades in a series of popular books.

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Older adults are on board with today’s technology, but still face challenges

For some older adults, the connectivity of personal computers, smartphones and Facebook changed their lives for the better. According to AARP, 76 percent of adults over age 50 own a desktop, laptop or tablet. Those aged 65 and younger, and those with higher incomes, are more likely to have access to the internet at home, as well as have a device and consistently use it.

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Greenhill ready to go big: The Eugene animal shelter is raising funds toward its building goals

Greenhill Humane Society runs two shelters — the smaller 1st Avenue Shelter, and the larger one, commonly known as Greenhill, on Green Hill Road in west Eugene. Greenhill staff does a great job of keeping the facility clean and inviting to the public, and as comfortable for the animals as possible. But the facility was built in the 1950s with very little updating over the years.

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