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How to Beat the Heat

As Oregonians living in the Willamette Valley, we know how exciting it can be to finally have the rain dry up and the sun come out. But summer time, and the high temperatures that come with it, can pose some serious health and safety risks for everyone, especially adults 65 and older. As we age, our bodies become less able to adjust to drastic temperatures. Further, older adults are more likely to have chronic health conditions and medications that impact the ability to moderate body temperature.

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Foster grandparent program puts seasoned adults into Linn, Benton, Lincoln County classrooms

By the time many adults reach the grandparent stage they often are retired and their nests are empty. A program sponsored by the Oregon Cascade West Council of Governments gives some of those adults an important connection with children they may be missing.

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Get outdoors! See what the Vancouver area has to offer for your next hiking experience

The region’s cold, harsh winter is well in the rearview mirror. Warmer weather brings more opportunities to enjoy trails and paths around Clark County, Washington.

Several destinations immerse visitors in nature – some are more urban and suburban, while others are in forested or protected areas – yet don’t require a long car trip to access. Here are some of our recommendations:

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ORDER UP: How local stores meet you where you’re at

Hungry, but no time to roam the aisles of the grocery store? Local grocery outlets are now offering ways for customers to shop without coming into their stores.

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Sew perfect: At 101, Dorothy Wallace Foisy still is sewing baby blankets

Dorothy Wallace Foisy sews baby quilts — a lot of them. Often, two a day. In fact, since September, she has sewn 50 blankets. But as she sits among the blankets, folded neatly on the bed by her daughter Lynn Walker, Foisy picks up a blanket, unfolds it, strokes the pink fleece and comments, “Who made these?”

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Gerald Gaule finds niche with ‘senior radio’

Gerald Gaule was just a boy when he had his first on-air experience in radio. He was at the Clark County Fair in southwest Washington when he came upon a radio station disc jockey broadcasting remotely. Gaule, already a fan of radio who loved to listen to his shortwave and create radio shows at home, watched and listened to the DJ for two or three hours.

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It’s all in the family: Hard work brings success for La Bonita owners

When Viola Lopez’s son Checo wanted to start a business 17 years ago, this mother tossed out a challenge: “Decide what you can do and make money fast.” At the time, 22-year-old Checo had been working at a car renta

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Young teen Harry Hendricks learned the meaning of hard work during World War II

A chance conversation among teenagers in an ice cream parlor led Harry Hendricks not only to contribute to America’s war effort, but learn lifetime job skills. It happened in 1943, when Hendricks — barely a teen himself — struck up a conversation with another teen working at the bustling shipyards run by businessman Henry J. Kaiser on the north side of the Columbia River, where thousands of workers were churning out U.S. military vessels during World War II.

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Been thinking about a cat? Now is the time to adopt one at Oregon Humane Society

Faced with a major influx of cats from the public, the Oregon Humane Society is cutting adoption fees by half for all cats six years and older through April 30.

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The reason this historic Portland sign is about to come down

An Oregon icon is set for a major tune-up as Metro renovates the famous "Portland" sign on Broadway at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

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Power on: Paula Free has found a way to overcome, work with, her physical disabilities

Paula Free has her sights set high when it comes to empowering any individual challenged with a life-limiting disability. But she’s especially passionate toward helping those living with limb loss.

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SURPRISE! Local artists have a secret, and it’s yours to keep – if you can find it

Dee Anna Morgan has been an arts and crafts gal as far back as she can remember. “We are neighbors with Jessica Ramey, and one day she sent me a Facebook invite to ‘like’ the Free Art Friday page,” says Morgan, who lives with her husband Hugh in South Salem.

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Pet therapy brings its rewards

Pet owners know first-hand that dogs and cats love unconditionally; they are there when the person needs a hug or a smile. This love and acceptance make dogs and cats ideal therapeutic visitors for the elderly and disabled in nursing homes and care facilities.

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Oregon’s new poet laureate Elizabeth Woody has overcome many obstacles

Elizabeth Woody is the first American Indian to be named poet laureate of Oregon. She has overcome many obstacles to earn multiple advanced degrees, share her poetry and art, and voice her support for many causes.

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Treasure hunt: Curators prepare for Corvallis Museum and Cultural Center

As warehouses go, a nondescript building in Philomath looks as expected. But walk inside, and find thousands of artifacts — from a wooden loom and old-fashioned carriages, to vintage cars, wheelchairs and even a mastodon. Carefully stored and archived, these relics were rescued by the Benton County Historical Society from a tax law that surely meant their demise.