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Things we grew up with...

Do you remember newsreels before movies, Blackjack chewing gum, roller skate keys, Butch wax, party lines, and cereal with prizes in the box? Did your mom buy her groceries at a particular grocery store just to get that free dinner plate? Did the groceries come with an added bonus – S&H Green Stamps?

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He’s keeping with his tradition

Gerardo Calderón has brought his love of folk music from Mexico to Oregon and, in so doing, has brought pleasure to people of all ages. He’s performed in schools, at the Portland International Airport, in auditoriums and at elder care facilities — one of his favorites.

December 4, 2017 2:57 p.m. read more..

Holy pumpkin! There’s a definite art to growing giant vegetables

There are giant pumpkins and then there are the mother-of-all-pumpkins. Ask Steve Daletas which ones he prefers. He’ll tell you about a pumpkin that weighed nearly 2,000 pounds and won him almost $12,000 in competition. In fact, Daletas, a commercial pilot, has been growing pumpkins as a hobby for more than 30 years, and entering competitions for many of those years.

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A childhood hobby has turned into Guy DiTorrice’s lifelong passion

It isn’t often that a child’s activity turns into an adult hobby, but that’s exactly Guy DiTorrice’s experience. He began collecting things such as fossils, rocks, leaves, snails and insects when he was 7 years old in Illinois. When his family moved to Colorado’s dinosaur country, he began looking into finding and collecting their bones and fossils.

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Meet this ‘Harley chick'

Carol Lindauer calls herself a “Harley chick.” It’s hard to put into words what she enjoys most about riding a motorcycle, but “fun and freedom” come to mind. Lindauer, now 72, is petite and slender. Several years ago, she was used to riding on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, but then decided she wanted to learn to ride her own.

November 24, 2017 11:42 a.m. read more..

How to keep it healthy this holiday season

What will be on your dinner table when you dine with your nearest and dearest for the holidays? Thanksgiving (especially) and Christmas are often an open invitation to overeating and drinking too much. Consuming becomes a measure of a successful holiday.

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