Join the Friendship Club

Cost per Month: $40 for 30 words, $40 minimum. Add $2 for each word beyond 30 words.

Totally confidential: You may either submit this form electronically or print out the completed form and mail it to the Boomer and Senior News office.

To make payment via credit card, contact Barb Calvisky at the Boomer and Senior News at 1-877-357-2430.

If mailing ad, include payment and mail ad and payment to:

NW Boomer and Senior News, 4120 River Road N, Keizer, OR 97303

Please note all ads must be to our office by the 6th of the month for the following month's publication

To respond to friendship ads:There is no charge to respond to Friendship Ads. Mail a written response to:NW Boomer and Senior News Friendship Ads, NW Boomer and Senior News, 4120 River Road N, Keizer, OR 97303 with the department number of the ad you are responding to on the envelope. You must include the department number (found at the end of the ad). Your response will then be forwarded accordingly. Only the person to whom you respond will read your correspondence.

Questions? Call 1-877-357-2430.

Ad abbreviations

M = Male, F = Female

S = Single, D = Divorced, W = White, A = Asian

B = Black, H = Hispanic, J = Jewish, C = Christian

N/S = Non-smoker, N/D = Non-drinker, ISO = In Search Of

LTR = Long Term Relationship

WW = Widowed White, WB = Widowed Black, WA = Widowed Asian, WH = Widowed Hispanic

LGBT= Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender

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