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"Scientists Can't Explain AND The Butterfly's Wing AND "-ness."

“Teeming with bacteria.” We hear this phrase a lot, and we know it's true. Bacteria are almost everywhere, and to believe my gramma and the Internet, they lie 84 deep besides.

The REAL wonder of the ubiquity and fecundity of bacteria is that your wonderful immune system can fend off most of the baddies, and so effectively that you don't even realize that the battles even take place.

Dr. Christopher Mason is the lead author of a study reported upon by The Week in 2015. He told the New York Times about a project called PathoMap. Teams of researchers collected DNA swabs from (ewwww) New York subways' wooden benches and poles and doors and turnstiles and handrails. Published the results. Not in some fly-by-night smut mag, but under the masthead of Weill Cornell Medical College.

(They found 3 samples linked to bubonic plague-- a bionasty that DECIMATED Europe-- and anthrax. None were alive (whew) ..and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority DIDN'T pipe up pronto and say,”Hey-- we Lysol those subways every night!” The cowards.)

That's not even the NEWSWORTHY part. HERE'S the newsworthy part. NEARLY HALF …THAT'S NEARLY HALF...of the DNA samples did not match ANY organisms known to science! And only 0.2 percent matched the human genome!


That means that, um, .2 percent plus nearly half equals more than half, carry the one...OK, you do the math.

So what the finagle is riding the New York Subways, littering the metropolis with its execrable daubs of alien bacteria?

Invisible space aliens? Creatures from another dimension? Rogue biologists with gobs of unrecognizable DNA left over from their forbidden experiments?

Or ...is living in New York City's subways so revolting that it is causing bacteria to change into unspeakable little tiny mutants?

No one yet knows.

Watch this space.

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Some butterfly wings have very vibrant metallic colors.

The green swallowtail butterfly has wing colors so pure-- so intense—so dazzling-- that it can be seen from half a mile away.

How did Mama Nature pull THAT off?

Those wings are covered with very small concave surfaces that work like this. Each concave area emits yellow-green light from the center that reflects directly. The edges of the concave area reflect light at different angles, and THEY reflect BLUE light.

The solar energy industry is looking at this structure to make collecting solar energy more efficient. The financial industry is looking at it to create bank notes and credit cards that are harder to forge.

It is never too late to learn from a master.



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